Teacher Assistant

Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate
Work Type: Contract

Abwaab | Teacher Assistant


Abwaab is looking for many Teacher Assistants to join our team in Iraq to provide support to a lead teacher in charge of shooting lessons. Also known as (Content Creator), these professionals reinforce Abwaab's vision. The duties include creating lesson plans, overseeing lesson preparations/shooting, creating the creative script, and auditing videos.


  • University graduates/university students in their last year.

  • Subject relevant experience/field of study ( Chemistry, Biology, English, Arabic, Math).

  • Able to work full/part-time.

  • Experience in teaching/tutoring or learning-related fields.

  • Compassionate and positive attitude.

  • Excellent communication/organizational skills.

  • A knowledge of google workspace suites.

  • Familiar with Jira software.


  • Help teachers to create lesson plans (Syllabus Mapping).

  • Attend and direct all shooting sessions (Setting camera, preparing shooting slate, creating Jira tickets).

  • Creating the video's content by filling the (creative script) for the animators (filling texts, pictures, videos, and timing).

  • Auditing the content (Videos).

  • Creating quizzes for each lesson.

  • Continuous monitoring of the content on the platform (Discussion board, data..etc).

  • Seeking student's feedback (Such as focus groups).

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