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Cairo, Cairo Governorate
Work Type: Contract

Abwaab | Teacher

أبواب هي منصة تعليمية تأسست في سنة 2019، تسمح للطالب الدراسة بالجدول الذي يناسبه، إضافة لوجود اختبارات تقييمية مستمرة وذلك مع مدرسينا الخبراء في أي وقت ومكان.

نتطلع لتغيير طريقة التعلم خارج الصف من خلال تقديم دروس مصورة قصيرة ذات محتوى عالي الجودة تُقدم من قبل معلمي أبواب الأكاديميين إضافة إلى رحلات تعليمية مصورة وامتحانات دورية تُمكن الطلاب من تقييم الطلاب أنفسهم باستمرار، وعرض النتائج في لوحة إحصائيات خاصة لكل طالب؛ لتمكنه من متابعة تقدمه الدراسي.

نتطلع لضم مجموعة من المدرسين المتميزين لإنشاء وتصوير محتوى تعليمي عالي الجودة  وأن يكون ذو صلة لاحتياجات طلاب المنهج الحكومي العربي واللغات ، بهدف استفادة الطالب من سبل واستراتيجيات  تعليم فعالة ومبتكرة.

المواد والمراحل المطلوبة:

من الصف الرابع الابتدائي حتى الثالث الثانوي جميع المواد (عربي - لغات)

Job Summary:

Abwaab is a fast-growing Jordan-based online learning platform and is currently operating in 5 countries: Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Abwaab allows middle and secondary school students to learn at their own pace, test themselves and get ahead with our expert tutors anytime and anywhere. By offering conceptual and engaging video lessons, high-quality assessments with a gamified approach, access to instant live tutoring, and a chance to be a part of an online learning community, we are changing the way students learn outside the classroom.

The role of Teacher at Abwaab is to create and shoot high-quality educational content relevant to students’ needs, in line with the local curriculum, making use of effective and innovative learning strategies to ensure our content stands out.


Planning and Preparation:

  • Lesson planning 

  • Designing lesson questions to assess learner progress


  • Delivering lessons according to Abwaab’s Learning Rationale and Content Criteria

    • Ensuring content delivery that caters to different learning styles

    • Ensuring interactivity through performance delivery methods

    • Invest students in learning by clearly defining concepts to support student mastery

Mindset and attitude:

  • Be open and responsive to constructive feedback regarding your work and, if necessary, seek appropriate support, advice, and guidance.

  • Ensure to maintain high standards of practice in relation to lesson planning, shoots, and question creation.

  • Apply your knowledge and expertise in making sure to create the best possible learning experience for students.

  • Be punctual for sessions and ensure to abide by the deadline mutually agreed upon.

  • Work collaboratively with colleagues to ensure a healthy working environment


  • Knowledge of the subject matter being taught

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Minimum 2-3 years of teaching experience (in the curriculum and subject applied for), experience with online education is preferred

  • Familiar with concept-based teaching

  • Knowledge and application of engaging methods in virtual teaching


Level and subject knowledge required:

G4 to G12 All Subjects (Arabic - Languages)

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