Sales Operations Manager

Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate
Work Type: Full Time

Abwaab | Sales Operations Manager


As an Ed-tech subscriptions sales manager with a focus on telesales, the candidate should have strong experience and skills in telesales and telemarketing. Key responsibilities and requirements for this role may include:

  1. Developing and implementing sales strategies and plans to achieve revenue targets.

  2. Managing the sales team and sales leads.

  3. Managing the sales operations team and making sure that all orders are being tracked and reported from the agents to the drivers and vice versa.

  4. Building a healthy environment between all stakeholders, i.e agents, sales operations team & delivery team.

  5. Managing all verticals under sales (telesales, bookstores, direct sales, teacher agents, and any other vertical we create).

  6. Utilizing current software and tools to actively monitor and manage the operation.

  7. Building and maintaining relationships with customers, partners, and stakeholders.

  8. Promoting vouchers and subscriptions through various channels, such as email, phone, and in-person sales.

  9. Negotiating contracts and agreements with customers and partners.

  10. Monitoring market trends and competitors to identify new sales opportunities.

  11. Managing and tracking sales performance, and reporting on sales results.

  12. Maintaining accurate records of sales activity and customer interactions.

  13. Providing customer service and support related to vouchers and subscriptions.

  14. Collaborating with other departments, such as marketing and product development, to improve sales and customer experience.

  15. Staying up-to-date on company products and services and industry trends.

  16. Developing and executing effective telesales scripts and presentations.

  17. Conducting high-volume outbound telesales calls to potential customers, such as schools and educational institutions.

  18. Building relationships with customers over the phone and identifying sales opportunities for Ed-tech subscriptions.

  19. Providing customer service and support related to Ed-tech subscriptions.

  20. Maintaining accurate records of telesales activity and customer interactions.

  21. Closing sales over the phone and following up with customers as needed.

  22. Utilizing telesales software and tools, such as CRM systems, to track and manage leads and sales.

  23. Measuring and reporting on telesales performance and results.

  24. Staying up-to-date on company products and services and industry trends.

  25. Continuously refining and improving telesales processes and techniques.

The specific responsibilities and requirements of an Ed-tech subscriptions sales manager with a focus on telesales may vary depending on the size and type of organization they work for, but the overall goal is to drive sales of Ed-tech subscriptions through telesales and telemarketing and to maintain strong relationships with schools, educational institutions, and stakeholders.

The ideal candidate for a vouchers/subscriptions sales manager position should have strong sales and customer relationship management skills, along with a good understanding of the products or services offered by the company. Good negotiation and communication skills are also important, as well as the ability to analyze data and make data-driven decisions.

In addition, a vouchers/subscriptions sales manager should be motivated, results-driven, and able to work well under pressure. Strong organizational and time management skills are also important, as well as the ability to manage a high volume of accounts and prioritize tasks effectively.

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